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  1. SchemeIt:www.digikey.com/schemeit

  2. CircuitMaker: http://circuitmaker.software.informer.com/6.2/

  3. Electronic Circuit Designer: http://www.electronics-lab.com/downloads/schematic/

  4. CircuitLogix: https://www.circuitlogix.com/student_version.php

  5. Schematic and PCB Design Software: www.ibfriedrich.com

  6. Design software: www.electronics-project-design.com/free-electronics-design-software.html

  7. Multisim: www.ni.com/multisim

  8. SmartDraw:www.smartdraw.com/software/electrical.asp

  9. PCB design software :www.cadsoftusa.com

  10. Simulation Software: www.smps.us/tools.htm

  11. Electronic Design Automation: www.altium.com

  12. LogicCircuit : www.logiccircuit.org

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PCB Manufacturing and Assembly

Bittele Electronics is a low-cost, turnkey, PCB assembly service provider for prototype and low-volume, electronic contract manufacturing.

PCB Assembly

Printed circuit board fabrication

Electronic Assembly



Download Electronic Circuits, Free Electronic Circuits for Hobbyist

  • ·       555 Timer Tutorial - An extensive tutorial on 555 timer (history, timing and logic diagrams, replacement guide).

  •  Bowden's Hobby Circuits - A collection of electronic circuits for the hobbyist or student, links to related sites, commercial kits and projects, newsgroups and educational areas.

  •  Building Gadgets - A collection of electronics projects, circuits, datasheets, and helpful articles from the authors of "Electronics Projects For Dummies".

  •  Butterworth Low-Pass Filter - Design of a 5th order Butterworth LP filter using Sallen-Key circuit design.

  •  Circuit Cellar Archive - Nearly every issue is listed from 1988 to 2001, software code.

  •  CircuitDB - A searchable database of schematics and electronic circuit designs such as alarms, audio/video, auto, etc.

  •  Circuits Archive - ASCII circuit diagrams, radio, audio and computer related circuits; data sheets.

  •  Circuits Today - Collection of circuits built around specific components and functions

  •  CircuitsArchive - A Wiki-based archive of electronic circuits for hobbyists.

  •  Closed Caption Decoder - A simple closed caption decoder for your TV. Schematic, BOM, theory of operation.

  •  CoolCircuit - Electronic circuits, projects, schematics, and software for hobbyists.

  •  CXI Schematics - Schematic index: audio, RF, power, switching and miscellaneous circuits.

  •  Delabs Electronic Schematic Diagrams - Electronic circuit archive, FAQ, freeware, resources directory.

  •  Digital Clock - Easy nixie clock with different microcontrollers.

  •     Discover Circuits - A collections of categorized and cross-referenced electronic circuits or schematics.  

  • ·   Electro Tech Electronic Projects - An electronic forum. Includes a collection of small electronic circuits.

  • ·   Electronic Circuit Diagrams - Schematics with descriptions and do-it-yourself electronic projects for hobbyists.

  • ·   Electronic Circuit Projects - A circuit archive with schematics, descriptions and PCB layouts.

  •     Electronic Circuit Projects - Electronics projects, schematics,PCB tips for high school students, teachers, students, and hobbyists.

  •     Electronic Circuits - An archive of electronic circuits divided into categories such as power supplies, auto, computer circuits, sound/radio.

  •     Electronic Circuits - Electronic circuit diagrams, software, tutorial, schematics, projects, and tools.

  •     Electronic Circuits and Microcontroller Projects - A collection of electronics circuits, microcontroller projects, and tutorials for hobbyists.

  •     Electronic Circuits Directory - A collection of electronic schematics and projects, index of tutorials and design software.

  •     Electronic Circuits for Beginners - Site with simple circuits that are easy for beginners in electronics to build and understand

  •     Electronic Circuits for the Hobbyist - Electronics projects, schematics, and tutorials: high voltage, radio control, timers, oscillators, RF transmitters, amplifiers and other.

  •     Electronic Info and Schematic Page - Technical references and schematics archive: alarm, audio, auto, etc.

  •     The Electronic Peasant - Dedicated to inexpensive Do-It-Yourself music electronics, electronic salvage/recycling, and alternative energy projects.

  •     Electronics and Electrical Engineering Resource - Electronics theory, books, construction projects, tips, and practical advice.

  •     Electronics Circuit Forum - Electronic circuits and projects with description, diagrams and PCB, electronics articles.

  •     Electronics Circuit Search Engine - A search engine for electronics circuits.

  •     Electronics Guides and Projects - Contains electronics projects and guides, including microcontroller programming.

  •     Electronics Hobbyist - Projects for beginners, articles on electronics and electrical science, Tesla coils, electrostatic devices, and resource links for the hobbyist and educator.

  •     Electronics Infoline - Search engine and categorically organized circuits in a directory.

  •     Electronics Lab - Electronic circuits with full description, diagrams and PCB, electronics articles, links and downloads.

  •     Electronics Projects with Circuit Diagrams - A collection of electronics projects and circuit diagrams. How to build your own electronic gadgets.

  •     Electronics Zone - Electronic circuits, kits, do-it-yourself, circuit diagrams, design and electronics hobby schematics from alarms to test circuits.

  •     Electroniq.net - Electronic schematics, circuits, projects, tutorials and software for hobbyists.

  •     FC's Electronic Circuits - Circuits on solar power, micro power FM broadcasting, a temperature controlled NICD charger, and more from Forrest Cook; electronics links.

  •     Free Circuit Diagram - Electronic circuit schematic diagrams collection.

  •     Free Electronics Schematics Diagrams - Electronics diagrams: pro music equipment, vintage tube amplifiers and other; chat room.

  •     Hobby Circuits - A large collection of simple electronic circuits for hobbyists from Imagineering On-line Magazine.

  •     Hobby Electronics - From Japan. Several interesting circuits. Some interesting theory and applications.

  •     Home Brew Spectrum Analyzer - How to make a spectrum analyzer with tips and advice on component selection and architecture. A large number of circuit ideas and schematics, with sources and construction tips.

  •     Hotwater Electronics Projects - Electronic projects covering GPIB connectivity, instrumentation, microcontrollers, Ham radio and wireless communications with PCBs and key components.

  •     Julien Thomas Enterprises - RS-232 protection and connections schemes. For protecting your Mother Board.

  •     Learn Electronics - Schematics with descriptions and do-it-yourself electronic projects for hobbyists.

  •     Music Electronics µArchive - An archive of tube and transistor amplifiers and information, mostly for music applications.

  •     PIC Based Analog Synth - Project to build a real analog synthesizer using easy to get components.

  •     Ronald´s Electronic Project Site - Fully documented electronic projects, such as stand alone microcontroller circuits and nixie, numitron and decatron clocks.

  •     Rugby PIC Clock - Schematic a construction of a 60kHz time code receiver and clock. Includes PIC programmer and LED clock display.

  •     Sam Electronic Circuits - Electronic Circuits for the hobbyist, analog, audio and digital, useful circuits with full Greek descriptions , diagrams in Greek and English.

  •     Sam's Schematic Collection - Includes information about safety, power supplies, Jacobs Ladders, circuits, IR detectors, power oscillators, and schematics.

  •     Small TV Terminal - TV terminal design. Connects TV and PC keyboard to a microcontroller based device.

  •     StarGate-TR - Projects related to Electronics Engineering. Includes schematics, source codes of embedded systems, such as microcontroller based electrical motor driver or finite element analysis with free tools.

  •     Synthesizer Home Page - How to make a very nice and stable frequency synthesizer from Harvard. Includes schematics, block diagrams and parts lists. Very through design.

  •     Tech Tut - A blog on electronics projects, ideas, and tips on repairing broken electronics.

  •     Techlib.com Electronics - Audio, PC, games, phone, oscillator, power, test equipment, and weather related schematics and information.

  •     Television Schematics - Television schematics for electronic specialists who repair TV sets.

  •     Tomi Engdahl's Electronics Pages - Electronic circuits and projects designed by Tomi Engdahl. Audio, video, computer, data communication, light effects and controllers, power supplies, and telephone circuits.

  •     WeMan's Electro Stuff - Audio tubes, transistors, analog circuits, transistor amplifiers as well as connector pinouts.

  •     Your Electronics Open Source - Electronic projects, firmware, circuit board, reference designs, datasheet, application notes.


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